Vac Cubes silencers are a great accessory to have in your pneumatic circuit. All silencers are lightweight anodized aluminum and use a straight flow through design. This feature means they will not clog and they will not restrict the flow of the vacuum system.

The length of the tube can be 2", 3.5" or 8" and the can come with any arrangement of end caps. The ES1-3/8F comes standard on multi venturi models with a plain end and a 3/8” female end. Larger silencers like the ones used on the multi venturi models are 1 ¼" in diameter.

Smaller silencers such as the ES2-1/8M are commonly used with our single venturi models. Again they can be formatted with any variety of our threaded ends. These small silencers are used on other applications such as silencing valves or any air pump.

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