Vac Cubes was founded in 1985 with a small line of vacuum pumps. After years of developing and manufacturing vacuum components in the U.S., we offer a full line of single and multi venturi vacuum pumps and accessories. Vac Cubes pumps are manufactured of all metal construction. Each pump is tested to ensure the highest quality so that it will stand up to your toughest conditions. We have designed our pumps to be straightforward and maintenance free, which in turn has led to a long working life. With low initial and operating costs, Vac Cubes is your “go to” source for vacuum products.

  • Vac Cubes vacuum pumps have been working in the field for 30 years and in some cases are still working. It is a proven design with efficiency in mind.
  • Single venturi vacuum pumps are a straight through design with no moving parts. This means they generally do not need filtration and will not clog or break down.
  • We offer a 30 day trial and test on vacuum pumps.  Not every application is the same and your vacuum pump should fit your application.  We make sure it does
  • When your multi venturi pump requires maintenance, repair is inexpensive and can be done in house, in minutes. When the pump does need maintenance it will not fail catastrophically, it will slowly loose vacuum allowing you a wide window to do preventative maintenance. 
  • We provide technical help with our vacuum pumps as well as your vacuum system.  Many times we can pinpoint your problem and implement a solution over the phone.
  • If you do not see what you are looking for, ask us. We have many other options available or we may be able to make a custom product to meet your needs.
Vac Cubes Vac Cube Silencers


Vac Cubes warranties all vacuum pumps to be free from defects in material and workmanship or Vac-Cubes will repair or replace free of charge for a 5 full years from the date of purchase.


Return Policy

Vac Cubes will accept returns on unused stock pumps, silencers and filters for full credit within 3 months of purchase. After 3 months and up to 1 year, we will accept returns less a 20% restocking charge. After 1 year, returns are subject to individual products and situations.

Vac Cubes will accept returns on unused suction cups within 3 months of purchase with a 30% restocking charge. Cups will not be accepted for return after 3 months.

Shipping Policy

Vac Cubes ships same day on 90% of stock products ordered before 2 P.M. EST. We ship UPS on all domestic shipments. International shipments are at the discretion of the customer.